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Alpari Recaps the Year 2012 at Moscow Press Conference

12 Dec 201214:01

Dear Clients,

Alpari Answers Questions from Reporters

A press conference was held December 11, 2012 at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow to go over some of Alpari’s major accomplishments in the past year. Alpari CEO Boris Shilov, Corporate Communications Director Valeriy Tarasov, Director of Marketing Vladislav Kovalchuk and Director of the Alpari Trading School Sergey Semenov each spoke at the briefing, which was attended by journalists and representatives from Russian television and some of Russia’s leading business publications.

During the press conference, Alpari executives recounted some of the company’s biggest accomplishments over the first 11 months of 2012. Alpari CEO Boris Shilov spoke about the company’s expanding presence in Russia and the countries of the CIS, noting that there are now 53 offices and 350 employees in the region working under the Alpari brand name. He also spoke about the company’s expansion in other areas: "Our company added a number of new services into its product lineup and worked on developing those already in existence. Another important step forward for Alpari was the beginning of our partnership with Integral Development Corp., a leading technological solutions provider on the Forex market." Alpari also drastically expanded its offering of investment products and financial services in 2012, with the launch of structured products, investment funds and ready-made portfolios of PAMM Accounts.

Alpari Directors at the Press Conference

For the first time in company history, Shilov disclosed some of Alpari’s key financial figures. Over the first 11 months of 2012, the company handled an average of 4.1 million client transactions per month, generating an average monthly trading volume of $84.9 million, with Alpari earning $78.80 for each $1 million in volume. As of the end of November, Alpari serviced more than 684,000 client accounts. These results stirred a great deal of interest from the media representatives in attendance.

Sergey Semenov shared some data from the Alpari Trading School, informing reporters that the school ran more than 3,650 courses and seminars from January through November of 2012, drawing more than 3,337 students in person and 51,329 online viewers. Alpari now broadcasts courses online from 10 different cities in Russia.

Vladislav Kovalchuk spoke about Alpari’s activities beyond the realm of business, noting that, "Business is important, but that isn’t all we’re about. For us, the opportunity to improve the lives of the people in our country and the communities we live in is just as important." Alpari’s Director of Marketing also spoke about some of the company’s projects in the world of sports. This included both Alpari’s support of Sergey Karjakin, a young up-and-coming chess grandmaster looking to return the world chess crown to Russia, and the ambitious "Alpari: On Top of the World" project, in which a team of Russian climbers is looking to take down the highest mountain on each of the planet’s 7 continents in under a year.

After the press conference wrapped up, representatives from the media had the chance to press the flesh with the speakers and ask them additional questions. Boris Shilov was invited to give exclusive interviews to several TV channels and online publications.

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