Dec. 31 through Jan. 11 - Changes in Bank Wire Transfers

23 Mar 201511:25

Dear Clients,

Due to the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, bank working hours will change. When planning bank transfers, we would request that you take the following into account:

  • From 30th December to 5th January and on 7th January, bank transfers using Atlas Banka will be unavailable.
  • From 31st December to 5th January, bank transfers using AS Expobank will be unavailable. From 6th January you will be able to transfer currencies other than rubles, which will be available for transfers from 12th January, 2015.
  • From 31st December to 11th January, transfers via America and Gasprombank will be unavailable.


You can find out about other way to make transfers on our site.

Best Regards,

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