The Results are in for 'Back-to-School 2012'

19 Oct 201211:49

Enjoying a 3D Movie

This year, like every year, the Alpari Charitable Fund held its annual back-to-school supply drive. From July through the end of August, the fund collected school supplies for children in shelters and other children in need to help them get ready for their first day of school. Thanks to the efforts of some caring people, there were a lot of kids who had the chance to kick the school year off right.

"Each year we help those who are most in need prepare for their first day of school: children in orphanages, those who are handicapped and children from families with more than five children," explained Alpari Charitable Fund director Andrey Dashin. "This time around we managed to collect around 17,000 units – that’s 400,000 rubles’ worth of school supplies. It’s also really great to see that each year more and more people are responding and getting involved with similar initiatives."

There Were Pirates, There Were Clowns

An event was also held at the movie theater "Mir" on August 28, a special treat for children getting ready for their first day of school.

The event was planned to begin at 11:30, but children were already beginning to arrive around 10:30, so the volunteers decided to get things started a bit earlier. The kids had the chance to fish for goldfish, design their own handbags, take part in contests and have their faces painted and their hair braided. Later on, they got to watch a "crazy professors" show, a team of dogs performing tricks and an animated film. The day was capped off by a series of activities and special classes. More than 194 children showed up to the event, which was put organized by a team of 40 volunteers who ran contests, prepared meals, took pictures and spent time with the children.

The Kids Were Served 'Kasha'

Irina Pavlovna, director of the Alekseevskiy shelter commented on how pleased she was with the event: "Our children haven’t seen anything like that before. On the way home, they wouldn’t stop talking about the tricks the dogs performed, the smoke that came from the stage during the magic act and how tasty the porridge was. It’s really important that our kids have the chance to talk with other kids and even more important that they learn something new. They really enjoyed designing their own bags and having the chance to take part in contests. I’d also like to say thank you for all of the school supplies. You guys really help us out every year!"

An Aspiring Designer It Was an Event for All Ages


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