The Winner of the August Successful Investor Contest

Dear Clients,

Our winner in August's Successful Investor contest is Kirill Tupin of Moscow, Russia. Kirill beat the competition with a return of 143.5% over the month, and receives an iPad 4 as his prize.

We talked to Kirill about his strategy and methods for winning the August round of Successful Investor. Kirill's told us that he invests in aggressive strategies, seeing little value in investing, for example, a million dollars and getting a daily return of only 10 dollars. Although still new to investing, before putting his money into a PAMM Account he learns as much about the manager as possible, their age, trading strategy and so on. This research includes reading all the relevant messages in the forum, seeing how the manager recovers from losses etc. Kirill only makes an investment after thorough analysis.

Kirill has now taken an interest in binary options. Despite his success in this contest, Forex is not Kirill's main way to make a living and is simply a hobby.

We congratulate Kirill and wish him continued financial success in the future.

The next round of Successful Investor has already started and it's not too late to join in. Register now, for your chance to choose between 700 USD or an iPad 4.

Best Regards,


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