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Alpari UK Insolvency Does Not Affect Other Alpari Companies

25 March 2015 10:08

Dear Clients!

On January 15, 2015 the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly removed the upper boundary of CHF against EUR. These measures triggered a sharp rise in CHF and resulted in exceptional volatility on the Forex market in CHF currency pairs. As a result many forex brokers faced financial problems. In particular, on January 16, 2015 Alpari UK announced that it entered into insolvency. 

As a result of volatility movements the company cannot any longer meet the capital adequacy requirements of the FCA (UK). In the nearest future external control will be introduced and a program of financial recovery will start.

Please note that Alpari UK is a separate legal entity operating under the Alpari brand and its financial situation does not affect other Alpari companies.

In particular, Alpari Limited (Saint Vincent), Alpari Limited (Belize) and Alpari International Limited (Mauritius), Alpari Ltd. (Bermuda) have recently changed their margin requirements for EURCHF to protect their clients. Due to these measures these companies do not face any financial difficulties and provide their services in full. Stargo Enetrprise Limited, as a partner of Alpari Limited, continues it's business activity without any changes.

Best Regards,

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