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Alpari set to appeal the Central Bank of Russia's decision

28 December 2018 13:01

The international financial brand Alpari has been serving clients in various countries for over 20 years in strict accordance with the law. On numerous occasions throughout its history, the company has received licenses in different jurisdictions and has never been faced with a decision by regulators to cease activities for noncompliance with licensing requirements.

Until now, Alpari Forex LLC, a Russian legal entity of the Alpari brand, has not received any official license revocation notice from the Russian regulator, and continues to serve its clients in full compliance with Russian legislation. Upon receipt of the notice, Alpari Forex LLC will act in full compliance with Russian legislation and will appeal the decision of the regulator in the manner prescribed by law. In the meantime, the information published on the Central Bank of Russia’s website does not give an understanding of why it intends to revoke the licenses of all companies that are not subsidiaries of banking institutions.

The international financial Alpari brand continues to serve clients as usual and in compliance with licenses in other countries.

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