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Alpari’s trading turnover continues to break new records

21 Nov 201814:33

Dear clients,

Alpari’s trading turnover across key international markets in October came to 152.4bn USD1. This marks a 31% improvement on September and the highest level reached by the company in the last 5 years on what is a key performance indicator for the Forex market. This value is also 25% higher than it was at the same time last year.

This growth in turnover was facilitated by several factors, the most significant of which was an increase in clientele from various regions across the world, including Southeast Asia, the CIS, and South America. Additionally, much-increased trading activity by clients across Alpari’s mobile applications also made a substantial contribution.

It’s important to note that volatility rose in October on the EURUSD; our most popular currency pair, on which turnover decreased in September before fully recovering in mid-autumn (+31%). The USDJPY pair made substantial gains, posting a rise in turnover of 150%. We also saw trading on the XAUUSD instrument increase by 37%.

In Alpari’s recent history, the highest monthly trading turnover recorded was 152.9bn USD in July 2013.

Best regards,

Please note:

  1. Trading turnover is the key performance indicator for measuring a company’s effectiveness in the Forex industry. It’s a reflection of the total monetary value of all trades performed during the reference period, including all margin trades and trades opened with leverage.
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