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Formula FX round 228 and King of the Hill round 63 results

Formula FX

Dear clients,

The time has come to bask in the glory of victory as the results of the latest round of our Formula FX and King of the Hill competitions are in!

Winners of the Formula FX competition:

  1. loser — 250 USD;
  2. Rieeoka — 200 USD;
  3. KeRo535 — 150 USD.

Winners of the King of the Hill competition:

  1. Anton59 — 150 USD;
  2. Vovan — 140 USD;
  3. one — 130 USD.

Click to learn more about our Formula FX and King of the Hill contest winners. We hope that you find your name up there with the best!

For those who have now readied themselves to reach new heights and victories; the next round of the Formula FX contest begins on 12/11/18; and King of the Hill begins on 05/11/18.

Register now for the Formula FX and King of the Hill contests and become one of the first to compete for prizes!

Best regards,

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