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We recently held an educational seminar in India on passive income

19 Oct 201814:45

Dear clients,

Seminar in India

On the 5th of October, 2018, we held a free educational seminar on passive income in Surat, India, along with a brief tutorial on how to use the MT4 trading platform.

Our clients received tips on how to generate additional sources of income by trading on international markets. The introductory session on MT4 was conducted by an experienced trader, who went over the basics of the platform, how to analyse market behaviour, and which strategies to rely on in certain situations. Clients were also introduced to several analytical tools, learning how to apply them to their trading to ensure that they make a profit, as well as how to overcome loss-making trades.

We received excellent feedback from attendees, and we'll be holding more such seminars across the country. Stay tuned here for further updates and join our seminars free of charge!

Best regards,


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