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Alpari’s trading turnover hit 138bn USD in April

24 May 201822:13

Dear clients,

Over the course of April, Alpari achieved a trading turnover of 138bn USD across the markets in which it operates. This key performance indicator is being consistently maintained at a high level.

The biggest improvements on the previous month were seen on the XAUUSD and GBPJPY instruments, whose turnover grew by 10% and 17% respectively.

Alpari’s investment products have also enjoyed steady demand; namely PAMM accounts and PAMM portfolios.

In April, “Alpari’s bicycle expedition to the North Pole” set two new world records; “First person to reach the North Pole by bicycle” and “Fastest round-the-world cycling trip in the Northern Hemisphere”. Adventurer Bogdan Bulychev made it to the North Pole on the 17th of April and planted the Alpari flag at the top of the world. This event was given extensive coverage across the world’s leading international news outlets.

Best regards,

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