Alpari’s bicycle expedition to the North Pole has set a new record

20 Apr 201819:15

The Alpari flag now proudly stands at the top of the world!

Dear clients,

The Alpari flag

Bogdan Bulychev

Our extreme new project “Alpari’s bicycle expedition to the North Pole” has now come to a successful conclusion. In spite of some of the most unforgiving conditions, adventurer Bogdan Bulychev made it to the North Pole on the 17th of April, planting the Alpari flag at the northernmost point of the globe and setting two new world records in the process, namely “First person to reach the North Pole by bicycle” and “Fastest round-the-world cycling trip in the Northern Hemisphere”. Applications for official recognition of this have been sent to Guinness World Records.

Conquering the North Pole

The finish line

As was noted by Andrey Dashin; the owner of the international financial Alpari brand, this undertaking has widened Alpari’s horizons. With a great deal of knowledge on the subject, Dashin remarked that this challenge was taken up in one of the most hostile places on Earth, and the team emerged from it successfully.

North Pole

Our conquest of the North Pole by bicycle took place under extremely difficult circumstances. Due to strong currents, many parts of the Arctic ice cap were impassable due to cracks in the ice, and it had even broken up completely in some places to reveal the water below. This also caused problems for the Barneo Ice Camp, which is rebuilt every year by the Russian Geographical Society and marks the starting point of our expedition. Nevertheless, Bogdan was airlifted to a safer place and he continued his expedition by bike.

“I consider myself quite a serious traveller, but I lit up like a child when I reached the North Pole. When you’re standing at the top of the world, it’s impossible not to get emotional. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in this expedition. It nearly failed because of the extreme weather conditions, but we did everything we could to reach our goal” said expedition leader Bogdan Bulychev, who is also a member of the Russian Geographical Society and the State Polar Academy.

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