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Interview: Trader Wars round 3 prize-winner

Dear clients,

In the latest round of our Trader Wars contest, 3rd place was claimed by a mystery contestant from Iran trading under the pseudonym ALEX.V. Despite the fact that they asked for their name not to be disclosed, ALEX.V was happy to answer a few questions. Here’s the interview in full.

What made you decide to try Forex trading?

Initially, I wanted to get rich overnight, but later understood that trading is more hard work than gambling.

Could you share some of your thoughts about the new contest? What separates it from the others?

I’ve taken part in a lot of Alpari contests, but this is the most interesting by far. The first stage is really simple and you have a whole two weeks to right any wrongs you might have made. The second stage, however, is really intense. You need to be at the top of your game every day and there’s no room for error.


Imagine that you have to give some sage advice to future traders. What would you tell them?

The key to successful trading is good money management.

What do you do outside trading? How important is Forex in your life?

I currently work in the private sector, but Forex has slowly started becoming my primary activity over the last few years.

Whose opinion do you listen to in trading and why?

When I trade, I don’t listen to other people’s opinions and I try to avoid reading analytical reviews online so that they don’t influence my trading strategies. Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t make mistakes.

If you’re as confident in your abilities as ALEX.V, don’t pass up the chance to compete for prizes. Join the battle in one of our contests today!

Best regards,

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