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Alpari’s trading turnover in February exceeded 148bn USD

21 Mar 201813:07

Dear clients,

In February 2018, Alpari recorded 148.4bn USD in trading turnover for the month, marking an 11% increase on January.

The improved performance on our key indicator is mostly down to increased trading activity on the GBPUSD (+49%) and USDJPY (+14%) currency pairs. The EURUSD, our most popular currency pair, continued its upwards trajectory, recording a 3% increase on January’s turnover.

It’s worth noting that an increase in trader activity on international markets has been one of the contributing factors to Alpari’s improved financial performance. This improvement is taking place on the back of an influx of new clients across Central and Southeast Asia, the European Union, and Latin America.

February also saw Alpari launch the unprecedented “Fulfil your dreams” special offer to mark the company’s 20th anniversary. This will give Alpari clients from all over the world the opportunity to compete for some impressive cash prizes that will allow them to fulfil their dreams of owning a luxury car.

Best regards,

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