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Interview: Trader Wars round 2 prize winner

Anatoly Smelyansky

Dear clients,

In December 2017, Alpari launched a new contest called Trader Wars. The second round of this contest has now come to an end and Anatoly Smelyansky was one of the contestants to win a prize, claiming a second-placed finish. His results have proven that you don’t need to have particularly big profit margins to make it into the top 3. We asked Anatoly to tell us a little bit about himself and how he managed to do so well in our contest.

Do you see trading as work or leisure? Or perhaps as a kind of sport?

To me, trading is more like a sport. It’s interesting to do, to practise, and to learn all the ins and outs of trading on the currency market.

Could you share your thoughts on the new contest? What separates it from the rest?

It’s an interesting contest. It really draws you in and gets you fully immersed! There is a “but”, though; the prizes are really small. I signed up for it out of interest, to test my strengths. On the whole, it was an interesting experience!

Do you manage to keep your cool most of the time or do you often give in to your emotions? How does this affect your trading?

It all depends on my mindset at the time. You could say that I often succumb to provocations from other traders (I’ve experienced both large drawdowns and large profits).

What’s the most you’ve ever won from trading? What’s the most you’ve lost?

With one of my first ever trades, I managed to make a profit of 7,000 USD on a 1,000 USD deposit in the space of a day. That was a start to remember! One time, though, I lost 10,000 USD when my deposit skyrocketed and I just couldn’t bring myself to close the deal. Then, in the space of a few minutes, my position entered a huge downturn from which there was no coming back.

If someone gave you 10,000 USD and said that you need to spend it all by the end of the day, how would you spend that day?

I think that’s a question for the wife and kids! Let them enjoy themselves! Another option would be to invest these funds into trading and use the profits to treat my family in my own time.

How and where would you spend your dream holiday?

I’d spend it at home in my beloved Ural Mountains; nature, the lakes, the mountains, the rivers, they’re just beautiful! You don’t get those kinds of views anywhere else in the world!

Have you ever managed to make a decent profit on the back of some important development in the news?

Yes, of course. Only I can’t remember when it was. Now, though, I don’t trade on the news and try to stay away from the market altogether; it’s dangerous!

The next round has already begun. If you’re ready to conquer new heights, sign up now and join the battle for prizes!

Best regards,

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