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The Alpari Cashback program: more than 6m USD paid out to clients

28 May 201819:02

Dear clients,

In just under 3 years, more than 6m USD has been paid out to our clients as part of the Alpari Cashback loyalty program. Traders, investors, and managers from across the world have taken advantage of the bonus points they’ve accumulated to tailor their trading conditions to suit their strategy. Through the Alpari Cashback program, clients have received cash refunds on their accounts, benefitted from lower spreads, transferred funds commission-free, exchanged their bonus points for cash, and much more.

To this day, the Alpari Cashback loyalty program is one of a kind in the field of investment services. Alpari remains the only broker that compensates clients for their expenses with real cash funds on their accounts. Alpari clients can receive bonus points (ALP) for virtually any activity, whether it’s opening or topping up an account, completing trading operations, or making investments. You can use these points to buy discounts that allow you recover some of your expenses, or simply exchange them for cash.

The most popular discounts among Alpari clients to date include the “Spread refund”, through which more than 2.8m USD has been paid out to clients, “Commission refund on ECN accounts” (more than 600,000 USD paid), and the “Deposit commission refund” (more than 550,000 USD). In total, more than 400,000 individual discounts have been activated since the program’s inception. A significant portion of our clients have had in excess of 10,000 USD returned to them during their time with Alpari.

“The Alpari Cashback program has allowed us to tailor our approach to each individual customer. Clients can select the conditions and services that best meet their individual needs. To understand how successful this product has been in the financial services industry, you need only look at the program’s growth in popularity. The scale of the Alpari Cashback loyalty program is comparable to that of similar projects run by the leading multinational corporations in the FMCG industry. We plan to continue expanding the Alpari Cashback program in the future by introducing new bonuses along with services that will allow our clients to make the most of them.” – Boris Shilov, Chair of Alpari’s Supervisory Board.

To make the Alpari Cashback program more convenient to use, this year, we added the “My expenses” section to myAlpari, which allows clients to keep track of and manage their trading costs. It shows, in USD, how much the trader has lost on spreads, ECN account commissions, deposit commissions, and exchange rate discrepancies when converting funds. This feature is available to all Alpari clients across the globe and can be found in the Alpari Cashback section of myAlpari.

This year also saw a major upgrade in the system’s infrastructure, resulting in improved performance in processing large datasets in real time and in the accuracy of calculations. This hardware/software solution for the Alpari Cashback program was developed by Alpari’s own specialists with the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of e-commerce.

Best regards,

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