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Interview with Formula FX prize-winning contestant, round 201

Oksana Gudzenko

Dear clients,

Oksana Gudzenko was one of the contestants to win a prize in the latest round (201) of our Formula FX competition. We congratulated Oksana on her success and conducted a short interview with her, in which we discussed how she managed to achieve such a result.

Have you tried explaining why you trade to your friends or family? Do they share your interest?

I have tried. Some of them find it crazy that manual labour isn’t the only way to earn money.

How do you keep your cool when making trades?

You can’t trade on your emotions. Patience and time are your only friends.

What are your preferred methods of analysis? How do you orient yourself when choosing a strategy?

I trade on the news and on candlestick analysis. I’ve developed my own strategy over the years. Sometimes, it seems you can just feel where the market is headed.

Could you tell us about a close call you’ve had (if any)? For example, a time when it seemed that the trend was going against you, but everything ended up ok. Or has anything like this ever happened to you in your everyday life?

I can’t remember anything like that happening in trading. If the market is going against me, nothing can save me as I usually open my positions with high leverage. Nothing like this has happened to me in real life, thank goodness.

Do you have any idols in the world of finance? And if so, why this person?

No idols, I don’t trust anyone.

What’s the best piece of financial advice that you’ve ever heard?

Put your money to work. Keeping your funds idle in a bank account is ineffective.

Best regards,

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