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Alpari brand owner Andrey Dashin and development director Sergey Vyazmin take part in the 26th International Financial Congress

27 Jul 201713:03

Dear clients,

Andrey Dashin and Sergey Vyazmin at the International Financial Congress

The 26th International Financial Congress has taken place in St. Petersburg; a major annual conference that brings together the most influential and authoritative figures in the world of finance. Taking part in the various talks and panel discussions were two of Alpari’s top officials; brand owner Andrey Dashin, and Sergey Vyazmin, the company’s development director. Among the topics they discussed with other panellists were the relationships between financial organisations and regulators and financial inclusion strategies.

the congress participants

Andrey Dashin, the owner of the international financial brand Alpari, had this to say: “This congress has turned out very rich with ideas. Events of this magnitude are extremely important for all representatives of the financial industry; they allow for the free exchange of opinions on topical issues, the keeping track of current trends and for assessing the efficiency of existing mechanisms as well as the viability of introducing more advanced technologies.”

Sergey Vyazmin and Andrey Dashin

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