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Prize-winner of our trading contest inspired by sport

Dear clients,

Elena Pryakhina

Participant of our Formula FX contest, Elena Pryakhina, came in third place with an excellent 750% profit. She is was so effective in her trading this round that we couldn’t not take a little interview:

How long have you been earning from Forex?

Quite a long time, and I’ve been taking part in Alpari contests since 2013.

Making 750% profit in just one week is something experienced traders rarely achieve. What’s your secret?

It’s really nice and rather flattering that my trading result (which is rather modest by my own measures) of 750% caught your attention. I don’t think 750% is anything special. In any case, my secret is simple: I lift heavy weights when I’m not trading. Squatting 130 kg down at the gym in the evening gives you something to be inspired about, pushing me higher onto new achievements.

There’s a view that trading is just for men in suits, but this isn’t the first time we see a lady competing at the top. How true do you think this “man’s profession” stereotype is?

As for “men in suits”, all I can say is that there’s also a stereotype that heavy weightlifting isn’t a woman’s game; I don’t give much notice to either.

Best regards,

Tried and tested
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