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Analyst Contest finalist’s history of numerous successes

Dear clients,

Anna Osmakova

We would like you to meet another of our brightest from our Analyst Contest. This time we took an interview with a contestant who was a finalist several times: Anna Osmakova. Find out how she works on the Forex market, how she deals with her emotions and what advice she believes to be the most useful in life.

How did you find out about Forex and how did you learn to work on the currency market?

I have higher education as a financial manager, so I have a decent amount of knowledge on the subject from my university days. However, I started getting into Forex much later on, expanding my knowledge in this sphere by reading books, and continue to do so today.

How successful does your trading turn out and when did it all click for you?

Before opening a live account I spent 6 months trading on a demo account. Then, by trading according to the system I had pored over, I straight away began turning a profit.

Could you tell us about one of your best or worst trades?

It’s hard to recall trades that I could call best or worst. However, I do know that my moments of misfortune were down to me giving in to emotion and straying from my own trading principles.

Has anything changed in your attitude to money because of trading and has this had an effect on your finances?

My attitude to money hasn’t changed. Before trading I was a sole entrepreneur. But in comparison with entrepreneurship, trading has one big advantage: everything depends on you and only you. There is no other human factor than your own and your profit doesn’t depend on other people: employees, logistics companies, etc.

What do you do other than trading?

First and foremost I am a wife and mother to three sons. My youngest is just a year old, so trading Forex comes second to that.

Could you tell us something about your cooperation with Alpari?

I really like the customer service with Alpari: the user-friendly myAlpari service, fast withdrawal of funds and quick technical support.

What would you say is the most useful advice you’ve ever received in life?

Never listen to the opinion of the majority. As Henrik Ibsen wrote: “the majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right”.

We wish Anna all the best in life and further financial successes!

Best regards,

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