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Silver prize-winner of our Analyst Contest on her path to success

Dear clients,

Lina Koltyga

Meet Lina Koltyga, a prize-winner of our Analyst Contest several times, shocking us not only in the sheer quality of her work, but also in the fight that she has been putting up against other competitors. We decided to take a short interview with Lina to give you an insight into who she is: someone who is always looking to learn something new and achieve success against all the stereotypes, with financial analysis of markets and trading on them being expensive, long and difficult.

How long have you been trading? Tell us about how you got into it.

I first heard about Forex in 2005 and tried it out but I couldn’t really understand it and it seemed really difficult. I decided that being a professional trader wasn’t for me. However, in 2013 I saw something on the internet about automatic trading and that really caught my attention. Following the instructions in the article, I opened an account and began to watch how the robot worked. After a month of keeping an eye on its work, I started to look for information and found information about how the robot was working according to the Martingale principle and I found ways to optimise it. Now I understand that the result was predictable: loss of my deposit. However, at that moment in time I already had some idea about the market and continued to get to grips with it.

How did you learn to analyse the market? Do you have any professional education and, if so, does it help you in your work with Forex?

A large role in my analytical development was played by Alpari’s social media page where I kept track of analysis of the market situation, read comments about different strategies, searched for information about the topics discussed and asked questions.

Do you read and take note of any of the opinions of other market analysts? Could you share who if so?

I received a lot of useful information from Alpari analysts. I am always really interested by the reviews and ideas on the Alpari website. I am really grateful for such information: it really does do wonders for those just starting out.

Lina Koltyga

Could you share some of your impressions of taking part in the contest? Do you have any views about your competitors or the level at which the contest takes place?

I just wanted to test myself in the contest. Of course, I did doubt myself, knowing that the other participants are worthy competitors and their analyses really do impress, but if you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t win the lottery! The competition is the reason to compete.

Do you work in any other capacity related to Forex: as a signal sender or PAMM Account manager, etc.?

Do you work in any other capacity related to Forex: as a signal sender or PAMM Account manager, etc.?

Do you think that trading can be a person’s main source of income and, if so, what needs to be done to make it happen?

With time I realised that my path in trading was wrong; all professions require a strong theoretical basis on which practical skills can be acquired and added to. That’s why I believe novice traders just starting out should study hard, especially when it comes to money management, risk management and trading psychology. After this then you can start learning about the trading platforms and methods of market analysis.

What was the best bit of advice you ever received?

My favourite phrase related to trading and is now by best advice is a quote from Lewis Borsellino, “remember: the market, not money. Think about making good trades and then about making money.”

Best regards,

Tried and tested
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