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First victory for Sergey Karyakin in his battle for the chess crown

24 Nov 201616:35

Dear clients,

We have some excellent news from New York for chess fans rooting for Sergey Karyakin: he has taken the first victory against Magnus Carlsen in their match for the title of world chess champion! More so: Sergey won playing black, i.e. playing from a defensive position from the offset. The Norwegian Carlson was so down about the loss that he even declined to take part in the post-match press conference.

The indisputable talent of Sergey Karyakin and the way he copes under pressure coupled with his overwhelming will to take victory have always drawn us to the young chess grandmaster. We are continuing to support Sergey Karyakin and believe that he can make it to the next stage and very top in his career.

“Sergey is showing his mental superiority over his opponent. This is an unbelievable victory in black that could become the home straight for Sergey, Alpari and Russia to achieve their long-awaited target of bringing the world chess crown back to Russia. The match is only just getting started; we will see what unfolds in the coming days,” commented Kirill Zangalis, the Russian grandmaster’s manager.

Magnus Carlsen is really frustrated by the defeat and will try to do everything to take his revenge. The next part continues tomorrow and for Sergey Karyakin to win, he just needs to draw the remaining four meetings with the Norwegian.

Best regards,

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