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Analyst Contest, round 22: a member of the fairer sex makes it into the finalists again

Dear clients,

Analyst Contest

The results of the 22nd round of our Analyst contest are in. This time Lina Koltyga made it into the winners with interesting reviews, forcing her way into third place. As such ae five winners are as follows:

  1. Yuri Vishnevetskii — 100 USD;
  2. Gleb Kabanov  — 90 USD;
  3. Lina Koltyga — 80 USD;
  4. Anton Molchagov — 70 USD;
  5. Ahmed Fouad Mustafa — 60 USD.

As you see, Yuri Vishnevetskii still sits in pole position, but the other contestants are not far off and everything could change next round. Perhaps you could steal the crown? Send in your analyses to us! You can find information about taking part on the contest’s webpage.

Best regards,

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