Alpari and the Republic of Mauritius in cooperation talks

25 Oct 201613:46

Dear clients,

Pravesh Lolljee, Boris Shilov and Sergey Vyazmin

Recently, a meeting took place in the Republic of Mauritius between government officials, the country's financial institutions and Alpari higher management to discuss priority areas of cooperation. In particular, Alpari held discussions with the Financial Services Promotion Agency ("FSPA") which operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms and is mandated to promote and develop the Republic of Mauritius as an international financial centre of excellence. The FSPA works closely with all the local and international stakeholders to be the first point of contact for the international business community. The FSPA has showed interest in Alpari's experience in the field of financial and technological opportunities able to facilitate the rapid creation and high-quality development of an international financial centre within the Indian Ocean region.

Leonid Matveev with officials from the Republic of Mauritius

Alpari's Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Boris Shilov, Director for International Development, Mr. Sergey Vyazmin, General Director of Alpari Gold, Mr. Leonid Matveev, and the company's Managing Director in Mauritius, Mr. Om Pravesh Kumar Lolljee participated in the meeting.

The officials present at the meeting noted the significant achievements which Alpari has made on international markets, Alpari's creation of innovative technology and its extensive knowledge in the organisation of financial markets. Following the meeting, the Mauritian Government offered Alpari several options for support in the creation of a multi-functional market structure which will offer clients the opportunity of a wide range of financial operations. With Alpari's long-standing wealth of experience, such partnership will undoubtedly be useful in creating such a market structure which will in turn lead to the creation and development of high-tech services with added value for the economic macro-region.

Sergey Vyazmin and Leonid Matveev

"We are delighted to see the beginnings of this proposed cooperation between Alpari and the Mauritian Government, with it set to open up new opportunities for the state and for the international brand of Alpari. The outcome of such a joint working effort could well be the introduction and implementation of advanced new services which would be able to satisfy the growing demands of investors the world throughout," noted the General director of Alpari Gold, Leonid Matveev.

At the end of the meeting it was decided that dialogue would be maintained and there would be a comprehensive working over of the details for this mutually beneficial cooperation.

Best regards,

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