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Top Portfolio Manager: winners in Q2, 2016

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you of the results of our Top Portfolio Manager contest. Every second and third quarter of the year the subsequent round of the contest takes place in which investors can contend their skills in compiling investment portfolios and managing them.

The 1,800 USD prize fund is shared between the top three participants. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners and we managed to get an interview with the ultimate winner, in which he shared some of his secrets to success:

Ivan Shumilov

First: Ivan Shumilov – 1,000 USD prize

Portfolio: Ins.Group
Return: 21.2%
Drawdown: 3.2%
Target ratio: 6.5

Ivan, could you tell us a little about yourself and how long you have been investing for?

I started trading Forex on the recommendation of an acquaintance in 2007. Having sat through a basic course, I tried a demo account and, like the majority of people, became interested. I’ve been working with Alpari since 2010. I currently have a PAMM Account and a PAMM Portfolio which I used to take part in the Top Portfolio Manager contest.

I travel quite often and wherever I may be, I can head into an Alpari office and the staff help me with any issues I may have with regards to our cooperation.

How did you come to take part in the contest?

I decided to take part to promote my PAMM Portfolio and provide investors information about my activities. I like how the company holds various contests. Everyone has a winner inside of them.

What was the principal criterion when selecting PAMM Accounts for your portfolio?

Like everyone else, I start by looking at the PAMM Account’s graph for its returns. If I like it then I start reading into the age of the account and other indicators.

Did you change up the composition of your portfolio or did you manage to succeed thanks to a stable set of managers?

I tried to keep changes to the portfolio structure to a minimum. Each manager sees ups and downs. If I reassessed the portfolio after every fall then when would I ever make any profit?

What plans do you have for the future? Do you plan to work further with this portfolio and accept more investors?

I plan to continue cooperating with Alpari, develpop my portfolio and expand the list of managers within it. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down extra funding from investors.

Sergei Aflatunov

Second: Sergei Aflatunov – 500 USD prize

Portfolio: ATSerg Turbo
Return: 81.4%
Drawdown: 36.9%
Target ratio: 2.2


Alexei Konovalov

Third: Alexei Konovalov – 300 USD prize

Portfolio: Diamond Club
Return: 45.2%
Drawdown: 21.4%
Target ratio: 2.1

Those wanting to show off their investment skills can take part and contest for the 1,000 USD top prize in the next round which begins in the third quarter of 2016.

To take part you need to have a public PAMM Portfolio with a non-withdrawable deposit of 1,000 USD.

You can learn more about the PAMM Portfolio service and all of its advantages on our website.

Congratulations to our winners and we wish success to all the participants of the next round!

Best regards,

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