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Formula FX contest winner receives 1,161% profit in a week

Dear clients,

Sergey Kobzar

Sergey Kobzar was the winner of one of the rounds in our Formula FX contest. He topped the contest rating with an impressive 1,161% profit. This result was achieved in just a single week. We would like to share an interview that Sergey kindly agreed to give us:

Sergey, have you been trading Forex for long?

I’ve been trading Forex for three years now. For around two years I researched brokers to check the quality of the skills they provide. I travelled from city to city, saw how the managers work and how clients are trained. I paid attention to many factors which could impact on the choice of broker.

What do you do for a living? Is trading your main work?

Before Forex becomes the main source of income for me I need to prepare for it to become so. In particular, in a month I plan to open a PAMM Account.

Why did you decide to take part in the contest? Did it distract you from your other trades?

I take part in contests often and have already come first place before. I always study the contest stats. As a general rule, 9 out of 10 contest participants end down. So trading as part of contests requires additional concentration.

Tell us a little about your trading approach. How do you analyse the market, which indicators do you use, do you read additional analysis?

Thinking about how I could achieve good trading results, I developed a strategy focussed on high returns (and with the corresponding high risks). I now receive a stable income of from 5% per week, withdrawing the percentage every Friday. I read the analyses provided by Alpari and other brokers. I use the economic calendars and make trading forecasts for the day and for the week.

Do you prefer trading or do you have good experiences in investing too?

The most important thing for me is a stable income. Before 2009 I was successfully investing in blue chip companies on the stock market. I listened to all of the analysts, believed in the government when they said they wouldn’t allow Sberbank shares to tumble. In the end my broker went bankrupt. Now I only believe in number one.

What helps you take your mind off trading and replenish your energy?

There are a few rules in trading Forex that I stick to. One of them is that you shouldn’t sit all day behind the computer. Speaking with interesting people, sport, relaxing out in nature (especially fishing) all really help to get away from trading.

The new round is starting soon, get a move on to get yourself registered and, maybe, surpass Sergey’s result.

Best regards,

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