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Oleg Yuminov Top in Third Round of King of the Hill

Dear Clients,

Oleg Yuminov

With a 1,917% return, Oleg Yuminov is the winner of the third round of our King of the Hill Contest. Moreover, Oleg didn’t simply manage to be top of the rating with an impressive profit percentage, but he also won in the Maximum Profit Percentage nomination, winning an impressive amount of Alpari Cashback bonus points for doing so! Oleg managed to continue his winning streak into round four, taking first place with a 639.29% return. Oleg kindly agreed to answer a few questions:

Oleg, you took victory two rounds on the trot, completing around 200 trades, with a breath-taking 1,917.50% return: a result worthy of respect. How did you manage to keep self-control when trading binary options so long?

If I’m honest with you, it’s difficult. Self-control and taming oneself are the main problems which haunt traders. So, on the whole, not too well!

Do you think traders can successfully trade Forex and binary options simultaneously?

Of course traders can work with Forex and binary options. Why not?

What attracts you personally to trading binary options?

The drive and the sport of it.

How do you relate to the all different sorts of broker contests? Is this a chance for you to take your mind off things, test strategies, receive additional profit?

I consider such contests as a sport and I look at trading binary options like a really entertaining sport. I’m already too old for the usual kinds of sport (I’m 70), so I dabble in the contests. The desire to constantly achieve a high trading result is what helps me keep it together.

How do you plan to spend your Alpari Cashback bonus points?

I’ll most likely spend them on spread compensation.

Many thanks to Oleg for answering our questions. To all participants and those wishing to join in: don’t forget, the next round of our King of the Hill contest has already begun. Register to get involved in the fight for a share of our 1,075 USD prize fund.

Best Regards,

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