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ZuluTrade Promotion Extended through Sept. 15

Dear Clients,

You may have thought that our ZuluTrade promotion that began on March 15 of this year had come to an end. You may have thought that you would no longer have the chance to take advantage of the limited-time-only lower minimum lot size (0.01 lots) and lower minimum deposit level (200 USD / 200 EUR on all ZuluTrade accounts, 200 GLD on classic.zulutrade only) on ZuluTrade accounts1. Well, think again!

That's right. We're extending our ZuluTrade promotion through September 15, 2012. This means our traders can continue to fine-tune their ZuluTrade portfolios, adding even more signal providers than was possible before. And opening an account will continue to take just 2/5 of what it did before the promotion. Many Alpari clients have already achieved some pretty impressive returns as a result of this promotion2.

Good luck trading!

Best Regards,

Please Note:

  1.  On June 15, 2012, new changes will come into force in our Authorization to Accept Instructions from ZULU TRADE LTD (previously "Authorization to Accept Instructions from Zulutrade Inc.").
  2.  Past results should not be viewed as a guarantee of future performance.


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