Alpari Returns a Valuable Cultural Artifact to the Country of Belarus

17 Feb 201610:32

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Alpari Corporate Communications Director Valeriy Tarasov Examines the Statute

On June 7, a special ceremony was held at the National Museum of Culture and History of Belarus in Minsk to commemorate the return of the 1558 Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the country of Belarus. The document, which is written in old Belarusian, will soon be on display at the History Museum of Mogilev. The ceremony to mark its return was attended by Belarusian Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko, chairman of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Belarusians of Russia Valeriy Kazakov, director of the History Museum of Mogilev Aleksey Batyukov, deputy director of the National Historical Museum of Belarus Nina Kalymaga and representatives from some of the leading media outlets in Belarus.

Alpari was among those to respond to a plea from the National Bank of Belarus to have the Statute returned to the Belarusian people. Alpari External Communications Director Valeriy Tarasov was on hand to comment on the significance of the event: "It's been a great honor for us at Alpari working on getting this valuable cultural artifact back to the country of Belarus. We are proud to present this historical relic to the History Museum of Mogilev."

The Statute is truly one of the great achievements of ancient Belarusian legal thought and played an important role in the development of European cultural-historical and legal traditions. More than just a document, the Statute is a symbol of the utmost cultural importance. Only a few dozen copies of the Statute remain, but until just recently, none of them were kept in Belarus.

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