On Top of the World Team: 88 Pips at 5,100m

24 Dec 201211:08

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Lyudmila Korobeshko Places Her First Trade from Base Camp

The "Alpari: On Top of the World" team is currently at the base camp of Mount Everest, which sits a cool 5,100 meters above sea level. This is where the threesome's two-month long journey to the top of the world's highest peak will begin.

It's also where team captain Lyudmila Korobeshko, having studied up on Forex back in Moscow, decided to put her recently acquired knowledge to the test! Gathered around a laptop, the crew made a trade on the Forex market. The result, according to Korobeshko: 88 pips of profit! Not a bad sign!

Read the latest about the team's preparations for Everest and much more on the project's site.

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