March 14 — More Favorable Trading Terms on ZuluTrade

01 Nov 201718:44

Dear Clients,

In response to repeated requests from traders, Alpari is making trading with ZuluTrade even more convenient — starting on March 14, 2012, trading conditions* on classic.zulutrade and classic.ndd.zulutrade accounts will be even better.

  • Mininum lot size has been reduced from 0.1 to 0.01 (step 0.01);
  • Minimum deposit requirements have been reduced to 200 USD or 200 EUR (200 GLD on classic.zulutrade accounts).

This means you can now get started trading with an initial deposit nearly 2.5 times less than was needed before. Furthermore, the ability to trade micro lots will provide you with much more dexterity in fine-tuning your portfolio as well as allow you to increase the number of signal providers you trade with.

ZuluTrade is one of the world's most popular automated trading platforms, and has been critical in taking autotrading to new heights. In choosing signal providers, users are not confined to their own analysis but may additionally view objective performance-based ratings of both signal providers and followers — a powerful analytical tool in the hands of any trader. In providing accurrate past performance data, ZuluTrade ratings help traders make decisions based on concrete information, thus drastically reducing the emotional factor in trading. Furthermore, the platform allows users to back-test potential portfolios to see how they would have performed in the past.

*These trading conditions are in effect until June 15, 2012. Notification concerning any extension of the promotion will be forthcoming at a future date.

Best Regards,

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