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Changes to Investment Funds Service

26 May 201612:30

Dear Clients,

We are glad to present some important changes to our Investment Funds service:

1. A new “Asian” investment portfolio which allows you to invest in the fastest emerging Asian markets has been launched.

This region is continuing to show significant promise for growth. Long-term support for the region is coming from the gradual forming of independent financial systems there (creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, etc.), growth in labour productivity, quality of life and internal demand from Asian countries.

Portfolio advantages:

  • Wide geographical diversification amongst rapidly growing Asian countries: Taiwan (share – 28.9%), Singapore (23.0%), China (13.6%), Hong Kong (10.9%), South Korea (10.8%), India (5.6%), Malaysia (2.5%), Indonesia (2%), Thailand (1.6%), the Philippines (1%) and Macau (0.2%).
  • Wide sectoral diversification (including a combination of cyclical and non-cyclical sectors): technology sector (25.6%), financial services (24.8%), industry (8.8%), retail goods and services, demand for which depends on economic cycles (8.8%), telecommunications (8.1%), real estate (7.1%), raw materials sector (5.3%), primary goods and services (4.8%), utilities (2.5%), energy (2.5%) and health sector (1.7%).

The movements of the strategy which reflects share price changes for the region’s largest companies, in addition to companies with average capitalisation is indicated below:

Asian investment fund movements since 2009
Asian investment fund movements since 2009

The portfolio’s yield in dollars since the end of 2008 is an impressive 89.5% (12.2% annual).

2. The Forex investment portfolio has become even more attractive: the Success Fee (commission taken for successful results) has been lowered from 30% to 20%. Clients now have the opportunity to invest in this portfolio at the same conditions as the other portfolios. Furthermore, our Forex portfolio is continuing to show decent growth indicators: the portfolio’s yield in dollars since launch on 21st September, 2012 exceeds 34% (9.41% annual).

More information about all of our investment funds can be found on our website.

We wish you success with your investments!

Best Regards,

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