'Alpari: On Top of the World' - One Down, Six to Go

11 Jun 201317:21

Dear Clients,

On February 23, 2012, our team from "Alpari: On Top of the World" reached the summit of Aconcagua, at 7,000 meters above sea level, the highest point in South America. In spite of the bad weather, they made it ahead of schedule.

Entrance to Aconcagua National Park

For those of you who aren't already following along, "Alpari: On Top of the World" is a truly unique project, in which our team of three climbers is looking to plant the Alpari flag atop the highest mountain on each of earth's seven continents. And if that isn't challenge enough, the Alpari team is set to complete the world-famous "Seven Summits" challenge in less than a year.

Keep track of our team's progress on the new "Alpari: On Top of the World" site. There you will find not only updates from our climbers, but other interesting information about mountain climbing as well.

Lyudmila and Ivan Pose with the Alpari Flag

Join us on our adventure.

Best Regards,

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