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Alpari-Broker Receives an Award for the FX+ Project

13 Jun 201312:38

Dear Clients,

On February 9, a meeting was held at the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, during which the 2011 results of Alpari’s FX+ project were discussed and "Alpari-Broker" received an award as a "2011 Recordsman" for its investment in the project. The FX+ project was launched by Alpari in 2008, designed to protect the rights of Forex investors and integrate Russian Forex companies into an exchange-based system. According to Aleksey Sergeev, Assistant General Director of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, a record 305.7 billion rubles were traded through FX+ in 2011.

Alpari-Broker – 'Recordsman 2011'

Alpari Public Relations Director Valeriy Tarasov and FX+/Alpari-Broker Director Marat Minnibaev were on hand to represent Alpari. Minnibaev was excited about the results, saying "If you compare the numbers from 2011 with those from 2010, you can see growth of more than 300%. What this information is saying is that all of the work that has gone into this project is leading to a growing interest among private and institutional investors. Alpari-Broker is intent on seeing this trend continue, with plans to offer clients new opportunities in the coming year, all the while staying completely transparent and open."

Some of the Men behind the FX+ Project

Alpari-Broker is licensed by the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation and certified as a "Class A Broker" by the Center for the Regulation of Financial Instruments (CRFIN).

Best Regards,

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