Nov. 14 – Trading Terms for ZuluTrade to Change

07 Feb 201315:43

Dear Client,

Starting Monday, November 14, 2011, there will be some changes in the trading terms for classic.zulutrade and classic.ndd.zulutrade accounts:

  • The “Minimum Lot Size” will be increased to 0.1 lots1.
  • The “Minimum Deposit” will be increased to 500 USD or 400 EUR.

We encourage you to make sure the settings for your ZuluTrade trading portfolios conform with the new minimum lot size requirement. Your positions opened before November 14 can be closed manually or by a provider signal.

Best Regards,


Please Note:

  1. The step size will remain .01 lots, meaning you will still be able to specify the size of your position in lots to the hundredths place (0.11 lots, 1.23 lots and so on).
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