Take Part in the "Bonus Round"

Dear Clients,

The second round of our year-long "Jackpot" contest is coming to an end, but before it ends, we wanted to give our contestants an even better chance to walk away a winner. For this week and this week only (from June 27 to July 2, 2011), all traders registered in "Jackpot" have the chance to win an additional cash prize in the "Bonus Round" promotion!

In the "Bonus Round" promotion, the 5 best traders, based on their "Percentage of Profit" rating, will be awarded a total of 400 USD in cash prizes. Even better, they will still have the chance to take home their share of the 31,000 USD in prizes that will be given out at the end of the second round of "Jackpot."

All "Jackpot" contestants will be entered into the "Bonus Round" promotion automatically.  If you havent' already, register for "Jackpot".

Best Regards,

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