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Alpari to Take Part in the 2011 Indonesia Financial Expo & Forum

14 May 201317:03

Dear Clients,

Alpari is set to take part in the 2011 Indonesia Financial Expo Forum taking place June 17-19. Thousands of financial specialists from all around the world will be there.

Alpari, along with TraderEducation.net, has planned introductory seminars where you will be able to learn the fundamentals of Forex trading.  If you wish, you will also have the chance to sign up for courses to further your Forex education. As an added bonus, Alpari has invited a special guest to the event. Adi Adrian, author of “The Master Traders”, will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Anyone who attends one of our paid seminars will also have a chance to sign up for our “Winner Programme”, a special promotion from Alpari.  At the end of the year, Adi Adrian will choose his 10 best students, each of whom will be given their own PAMM Account to manage the funds of clients.  Each month, Adi will hold one seminar, divided up into two sessions.  Winners will also receive personal consultation from Adrian about their trading on live accounts.

Best Regards,

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