Alpari Cares about Child Passenger Safety

31 Jan 201317:23

Dear Clients,

The Alpari Charitable Fund, together with the motor vehicle inspection agency of Kazan (Alpari's birthplace, located in the heart of western Russia), recently held an event designed to raise awareness about child car safety. During the third annual "Protect New Life" event, Alpari employees volunteered their time to give out special children's car seats and raise awareness about child passenger safety.

Alpari Cares about the Safety of Children

Since the start of 2011, there have already been 36 accidents involving children in the city of Kazan. In almost a third of these accidents, a child was injured because they were not wearing a seat belt or were not properly fastened in a car seat. It's worth noting that since 2009, the first year Alpari began holding the "Protect New Life" event, the number of accidents in which children have been injured has already decreased seven-fold.

The Alpari Charitable Fund would like to thank everyone who helped organize the event. We hope that "Protect New Life" continues to make the roads safer for the children of Kazan.

Best Regards,

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