Your 2011 Forex Company of the Year..... Alpari!

05 Feb 201314:38

Dear Clients,

Alpari just added another prestigious financial award to its collection at the "Financial Elite of Russia" awards ceremony, held in Moscow on June 8, 2011. Many of the the largest financial companies in Russia were in attendance.

The Alpari Brand was once again named the "Company of the Year on the Forex Market" (hence the title on the Alpari homepage), beating out competitors including Teletrade D.J. and EuroOrient Securities & Financial Services Limited. This means that Alpari has now walked away a winner from the "Financial Elite of Russia" awards ceremony four of the seven times it has been held. Our first award came in 2005 as the "Best Internet Broker", followed by back-to-back wins in 2009 and 2010 as the "Grand Prix: Company of the Year on the Forex Market" and the "Gran Prix: Best Company of the Last 5 Years on the Forex Market".

Our Chairman of the Board, Andrey Dashin, commented on the award, "Receiving such a prestigious award for the fourth time and having the recognition of our colleagues is a great honor. It goes to show that all of the efforts we have put towards improving our products and services for our clients and launching an officially regulated currency market in Russia have not gone unnoticed."

Sergey Vyazmin Shows Off the Awards

Sergey Vyazmin, Alpari's Director of International Development, accepting the award

Best Regards,

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