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Trade Directly in Your Browser: Alpari Projects™ is Proud to Present Alpari WebTrader!

25 Jul 201419:42

Dear Clients,

Here at Alpari, we are excited to introduce our latest development: Alpari WebTrader. This new web-based terminal is completely compatible with MetaTrader 4, but doesn’t require any sort of download or installation. With WebTrader, you can begin trading in any internet browser that supports Adobe Flash. What’s even better, our new terminal isn’t just limited to traders with Windows. If you use Mac OS or Linux, you can trade with WebTrader too.

For traders, it isn’t all too uncommon to have a situation where you absolutely need to connect to your trading account, but you don’t have access to your terminal. Even if you do manage to install the program, you may not be able to log in to your trading account. With Alpari WebTrader, you can forget about this problem and breathe easy, knowing that an internet browser is all you need to access your account.

Far from a mere add-on or supplement to MetaTrader 4, Alpari WebTrader is a fully-functioning trading platform that gives you everything you need for your trading: technical analysis tools, the ability to monitor your trading account, the latest market news, access to your trading history and a whole lot more.

Our traders will find Alpari WebTrader’s interface to be strangely familiar. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as the terminal was designed especially for users of MetaTrader 4. You will also have the opportunity to customize WebTrader by re-arranging your windows with “Drag and Drop” and choosing your own color scheme. You can easily access your go-to trading instruments by adding them to your “Favorites,” allowing you to take full advantage of “One-click trading.”

Alpari WebTrader is our latest development and is currently in the pre-release stage. Before it is released, we would like your input. In the Alpari Projects section of the Alpari Forum, you have the opportunity to offer us your constructive criticism and recommendations for the final version of the platform.

If you wish, you can start trading on your live accounts in Alpari WebTrader right away. Before doing so, please read through our terms of use for test-versions of our software.

Best Regards,

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