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New Built-In Autochartist Indicator for MetaTrader 4

06 Feb 201317:00

Dear Clients,

Alpari and Autochartist are now glad to offer a new plug-in for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.  Now, you will have not only one, but 3 indicators at your disposal, each of which will help you quickly determine the direction of the market and make the right trading decisions:

  • Autochartist Chart Patterns picks out patterns and developing patterns.
  • Autochartist Fibonacci Patterns identifies Fibonacci patterns and predicts support and resistance levels.
  • Autochartist PowerStats determines the relative price movement of different trading instruments.

As an added benefit, the new plug-in is built into the MT4 terminal.  Installation shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Download the new indicator from our site.

Best Regards,

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