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New Conditions for VIP Clients

Dear Clients,

We all love to receive gifts. And what better gift for a trader than an added bonus to their trading profits! Alpari trading contests are designed to deliver successful traders just that. This includes our latest contest, “Full Throttle.”

In “Full Throttle,” winners are chosen based on their “Volume Point” rating. This unique rating reflects the ratio of a trader’s total trading volume over the course of the contest to their intitial deposit. This means that you have a chance to win, even if your trades don’t earn you any profit.

With that being said, starting on March 28, 2011, we will be adding a twist to the “Full Throttle” contest, with new conditions for our VIP clients. If you have a Premium account and you finish in the Top 10, we will add an extra 5% to your Volume Point rating. This should make the 5th round of Full Throttle the most interesting one yet!

Hurry and sign up for “Full Throttle.” Perhaps fortune will smile upon you and you will end up with a large cash prize!

Good Luck!

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