Forexorgan on Alpari's Expansion

30 Aug 201319:14

Dear Clients,

The Alpari Brand is one of the world’s fastest-growing providers of online foreign exchange trading services and has bold plans to continue strengthening its market position both in Russia and around the world. As the publication Forexorgan notes, “the direction and structure of the industry is in flux as rival firms attempt to sort out their place in the still evolving pecking order.” Noting that US-based broker Forex Capital Markets recently went public, Forexorgan anticipates future movement in the industry, “Following FXCM’s successful IPO last December, speculation has been bubbling regarding future moves in the industry.” Forexorgan mentions Alpari in the same breath, saying that, “Russia based Alpari is rapidly expanding as well, and is seeking to cement its dominant position in Europe while expanding abroad… Alpari is in many ways a mirror image of FXCM. Alpari has expanded rapidly in Europe and is of roughly comparable size and stature as FXCM.”

Emerging from Russia, Alpari has evolving into a progressive, internationally recognized company boasting 330,000 client accounts, $147 billion in monthly trading volume, certified partners in twenty-one countries and has received numerous industry awards.

Forexorgan goes on to add, “while FXCM has stayed within a relatively narrow band for the past two years, Alpari has been steadily growing, after emerging in mid-2006.” Alpari has been represented in world financial capitals such as New York and London now for over five years. Certified partners have recently opened in Nigeria, Jakarta and Mexico, and the Alpari name has reached clients in many other countries including Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Columbia, Spain and Chile. In 2010, Alpari broke through in a number of European countries including Germany, Estonia and Latvia.

“Geographic development is extremely important for Alpari”, says Director of Development Dmitry Tarasov, “because you can only become a market leader by achieving the maximum possible accessibility for clients.“ It is to this end the company is constantly adding to its roster of certified partners.

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