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Russian Parliament Thanks Alpari for Supporting Grandmaster Sergey Karyakin and the Development of Chess as a Sport

05 Apr 201615:59

Dear Clients,

Sergey Karyakin and Vitaliy Mutko

The long-awaited victory for Sergey Karyakin in the Candidates Tournament didn’t go unnoticed at the very top level. The Russian Minister for Sport, Vitaliy Mutko, met with the young grandmaster, congratulating him and expressing his thanks to Alpari for the company’s support for Russian chess, support which has lasted for a number of years. The partnership between Alpari and Sergey Karyakin has allowed the young grandmaster to grow professionally and garner experience at prestigious global competitions.

We can judge the significance of the victory at the Candidates Tournament competition by the sheer amount of attention which the media dedicated to Sergey Karyakin. His name has been mentioned across the main news for over a few days. Yet, only a few years ago, many chess experts and enthusiasts believed it unthinkable that Alpari could bring the chess crown back to Russia. Back then, the young chess genius Karyakin hardly inspired optimism amongst the sports enthusiasts, never mind amongst the strongest of the world’s grandmasters.

“We had faith in the talents of Sergey Karyakin from the very beginning of our partnership. Sergey’s victory at the Candidates Tournament, far from being a miracle, is the result of hard work and perseverance over many years,” noted Alpari’s CEO, Boris Shilov.

Meeting between Alpari and Sergey Karyakin

Today Sergey Karyakin visited Alpari’s head office to accept congratulations from the company’s higher management, to exchange his impressions and plans for the near future. During this time the young sportsman has been named amongst the world’s top ten chess players and over the last eight years and has gone closer than no other Russian to taking the title of world champion.

“I am very grateful to Alpari for having faith and believing in me when I was just starting out as a grandmaster. Thanks to their financing, I gained the opportunity to strengthen my coaching staff and appoint one of the world’s best trainers: Uzbek grandmaster, Rustam Kasimdzhanov. I have amassed an impressive amount of knowledge and experience which has allowed me to be victorious at the moment and gives me hope to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming world chess champion,” Sergey Karyakin told us.

At the Candidates Tournament Sergey Karyakin prevailed over seven challengers led by the American Fabio Caruana, and he won the right to challenge for the world title against the reigning world champion; Norwegian, Magnus Carlsen. The match for the world chess crown will take place in New York (USA) from 10th to 30th November, 2016.

Best Regards,

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