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Results of the Analyst Contest, Seventh Round

10 May 201613:01

Dear Clients,

Contest Winner

The results of the seventh round of the analyst contest which took place from 14th to 27th March are in. The contest is in full swing and so it is no surprise that some of the competitors have decided to take a breather. Stamina is something the main prize winner will need to be crowned champion and become part of one of the strongest analytical teams in media ratings. The stakes are high, just as are our requirements! As such, this time around there are just three winners: only these three were able to keep up with the pace and standard set, managing to demonstrate their slick analytical skills. And now to the winners of the seventh round:

  1. Oleg Naumenko — 100 USD;
  2. Nikolai Ludanov — 90 USD;
  3. Vladimir Kryuchko — 80 USD.

We wish our contest regulars in the rating even further successes and await even more bold newbies who can rock the boat and set the bar for the contest standards even higher!

Good luck!

Best Regards,

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