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Holiday Gifts for Everyone

Dear Clients,

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it's time to start thinking about gifts. Not wanting to miss out on the holiday spirit, Alpari is increasing the prize pool, the number of prizewinning places as well as introducing new bonuses in the Full Throttle and Formula FX contests. Now, even those with less stellar trading results can still walk home with a prize.

For the 32nd round of "Formula FX", which runs from  27.11.2010 through 01.01.2011, we have raised the prize pool from 1,600 USD to 2,011 USD. Fifty contestants will now split the prizes which will be distributed as follows:

Place Prize Amount
1 400 USD
2 350 USD
3 200 USD
4 160 USD
5 140 USD
6 120 USD
7 100 USD
8 80 USD
9 41 USD
10 20 USD
11 — 50 10 USD

How can you get in on the action in Formula FX? If you have a micro.mt4 account, then you all you need to do is register, which is absolutely free. If you have already taken part in a prior round of Formula FX, then you only need to re-enter the contest which can be accomplished on the Company site.

Round two of "Full Throttle" gets started on December 20th and runs through New Year's Day. In honor of the New Year, we decided to add two new bonus categories to the contest. Now, a contestant who trades 201.1 or more lots will receive a prize of 50 USD which can be withdrawn at any time. Furthermore, a trader who trades 2,011 or more lots will take home a prize of 1,000 USD.

Just about any account type can take part in "Full Throttle" (micro.mt4, micro.mt4.swapfree, classic.mt4, classic.mt4.swapfree, classic.gold.mt4, classic.ndd.mt4, classic.systematic, classic.systematic.swapfree, classic.zulutrade, classic.ndd.zulutrade, pro.ecn.mt4).  Registration in the contest is absolutely free of charge and won't take but a minute. The prize pool is more than 4,650 USD.


  1. The cash prizes in "Full Throttle" will only be given once. In other words, even if a contestant exceeds the volume demands for a given prize, the prize amount will not exceed 50 or 1,000 USD respectively. Source: alpari.com, "Holiday Gifts for Everyone"
  2. If a contestant qualifies for the 1,000 USD bonus (for a trading volume of 2011 lots or more) the 50 USD bonus will not be paid.
  3. The prizes will be credited to the winners' trading accounts when the results are tallied for the final rounds of this year for Formula FX and after New Year's Day for "Full Throttle". Source: alpari.com, "Holiday Gifts for Everyone"

Good luck trading and happy holidays.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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