Dixipay: A New Way to Make Fund Deposits and Withdrawals with Alpari

07 Feb 201313:38

Dear Clients,

We're glad to announce yet another option for our clients to make account withdrawals and deposits.  Dixipay is an electronic payment system which allows you to transfer money instantaneously over the internet.

You can deposit to your Dixipay "electronic purse" through a wire transfer, a credit/debit card or a prepaid Dixipay card.  Withdrawals can be made by wire transfer or by a transfer to a special Dixipay card, which is available to Dixipay clients.  The commission for using this card is 0.5% of the payment amount.

Dixipay has already become widely available in the Middle East, including in Egypt, Qatar, and Yemen.  We hope that Dixipay will make life easier for our clients in this region as well.

To find out more, please visit our site.

Best Regards,
Alpari, NZ

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