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ZuluTrade Signal Provider Ratings Leader Shares the Secrets of Success

14 May 201312:11

Dear Clients,

In July, 2010, Alpari introduced the possibility of trading on the web platform ZuluTrade. Already, over 2,000 clients can attest to the advantages of automated trading with ZuluTrade. The platform offers a list of dozens of Signal Providers whose trades will be duplicated on your account if you add them to your portfolio.

For several weeks already, a trader with the pseudonym SystemsFX has sat atop the ZuluTrade Signal Provider ratings. In addition to being one of the most popular Signal Providers, he is also a successful PAMM-Account manager.

Meet Andrey Ivanovich Petruk - a shining example of how to achieve success on the Forex market. Through self-teaching and the formulation of his own trading strategies, what began as a simple hobby has grown into a successful enterprise for Andrey, who now derives his main source of income from trading on the Forex market.

What’s the secret of his success? Andrey kindly agreed to share some of his insights in an interview that he gave for our site.

Do you have demo or live classic.mt4 account with Alpari? Would you like to repeat the success of SystemsFX? Become a ZuluTrade Signal Provider!

You can also open a live ZuluTrade account and profit by using one or more Signal Providers.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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