Update of Trading Strategies on the Systematic Platform

25 Jan 201310:52

Dear Clients,

Systematic is one of the most convenient trading platforms available, giving traders the opportunity to form a profitable portfolio from ready-made trading strategies. Thanks to its capabilities, Systematic is very popular both among novice traders and professionals.

The Forex market is very dynamic and is constantly developing with the introduction of new systems and methods of analysis. The list of trading strategies used in Systematic is also constantly updated to keep up with the market: systems that lose their popularity are deleted and new strategies that are more up-to-date and interesting to clients are added in their place. You can find a list of new trading systems and strategies, along with those that will be deleted from the platform, on our website.

We'd also like to continue helping our clients get acquainted with the new trading strategies available. This time we're happy to present the "AutoFuturos N" strategy. The key features of "AutoFuturos N" are as follows:

  • Interday trading;
  • Use of 15-minute and hour charts to determine the trend, as well as the MACD indicator;
  • Focus on fundamental data and wave analysis;
  • Positions are closed once they reach the support or resistance level.

The explanations we give about certain strategies are not recommendations and are to be used strictly for informational purposes.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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