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Check a Manager's Return Without Risk? It's Possible!

25 Jan 201311:00

Dear Clients,

The PAMM-Account is one of the most innovative services our company offers and is marked by several awards and nominations. Investors and traders alike show great interest in this service and many have already had the chance to evaluate its reliability and effectiveness.

The biggest challenge for an Investor has always been the choice of their Manager, making sure the trading strategy is optimal and profitable. Now this problem has been solved! Alpari is happy to announce that we have introduced a new service for Investors: virtual Managed Accounts. You no longer have to go through the agony of making an informed decision and investing money in fear and at your own risk. This new service gives potential Investors the opportunity to create virtual Managed Accounts on active PAMM-Accounts in order to verify that the Manager does good work, without risking any personal funds.

These new capabilities also allow you to get acquainted with the principles of work on a Managed Account without any risk. This service should be especially interesting for Investors who used to doubt in the viability of this type of investment.

Not confident in the success of a Manager? Now you can easily check how the PAMM-Account you choose measures up to your goals!

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ Administration

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