“Market Watch” in MT5 – New Opportunity to Effectively Evaluate Market Depth!

04 Feb 201315:15

Dear Clients,

Since the end of last year, Alpari has provided the opportunity to work on various financial markets with the latest version of the world’s most popular trading platform: MetaTrader 5.

However, for our Company, the sky is the limit and we have continued to add to the indisputable advantages of МТ5. “Market Watch” for Forex instruments became available in May of this year. “Market Watch” opens up a whole spectrum of supply and demand on the market in real-time for clients with demo accounts, allowing clients to independently analyze the market situation in full and make optimal trading decisions. “Market Watch” gives you the opportunity to evaluate the liquidity of major world banks for each instrument we provide.

We hope that this addition will become a helpful aid for our clients who have already had the chance to appraise the unique characteristics of the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Viewing Market Depth in MT5's New 'Market Watch' Section

Best Wishes,
Alpari NZ

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